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3 Reasons To Book Your Wedding Videographer Early

By Michaels Entertainment

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There’s plenty to worry about when planning a wedding—from the venue to the entertainment and catering and plenty more. But what planners can’t forget about is booking a videographer. Below, we’ll explain the reasons why you should book your wedding videographer as early as possible.

Guarantee the Best

If you want to book the best, you have to be ahead of the rest. People schedule these events months or years in advance, and one of the first things that they’ll book is the videographer.

Booking early guarantees that the videographer you want is available. If you wait until a few months before the big day, you’re likely to find that they closed their books.

Easier To Plan

Booking a videographer early also makes planning the wedding and the day’s timeline easier. With the date, venue, videographer, and photographer all booked and confirmed, you can start to collaborate and create a timeline for the day.

You want the day to be as smooth as possible, and coordinating the efforts of the working professionals takes a lot of planning and isn’t something you want to be fretting about on your big day. The earlier you can check “book videographer” off your checklist, the faster you can get into the details of the day.


Another reason to book your wedding videographer early is for budgeting reasons. You may even find a videographer that offers discounts or special packages for couples that book a year or further in advance.

Confirming the price of the wedding videography services gives you a firmer budget and an idea of what money you have to spend on other things like catering or entertainment. By booking early, there’s no mystery about what’s left in the budget for the other aspects of your wedding.

When Should I Book My Wedding Videographer?

As we’ve discussed, booking the videographer as early as possible is always best. Ideally, wedding couples should book the videographer around the same time as the venue—approximately a year or nine months before the date.

Six months is typically the cut-off for finding a quality videographer, but even that’s pushing it, and you’ll likely find that most of the ones you want aren’t available. If you’re ready to book your wedding videographer, contact Michael’s Entertainment for a high-quality and experienced videographer for your big day!


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