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4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

By Michaels Entertainment

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Putting together a wedding is as much about entertaining guests as it is about celebrating the matrimony of the happy couple. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, but how do you make yours stand out? We have some ways to make your wedding fun and unforgettable for all your guests below!

A Unique Venue

The venue is the first thing to consider when hosting a wedding that your guests will never forget. While venue options are available in many beautiful places, it won’t stand out if it’s one of the standard options for hosting weddings.

Consider a more unique venue that is important and endearing to you and your partner. A historic home or building brings great character to the ceremony and reception, or an outdoor wedding in the forest makes for an unforgettable nature theme!

A Signature Menu

The food and drink menus are the make-or-break factors that take a wedding from good and fun to one your guests will never forget. While you want to hire only high-quality caterers, stand out from their other clients by collaborating to create a signature menu for the wedding.

Signature cocktails exclusive to the wedding with a catchy and fun name that relates to you and your partner are always great ways to make your wedding different from the rest. Consider a caterer who may have ideas about creating a menu that’s unique to your wedding and will wow your guests.

Surprise Party Favors

Another great way to make your wedding unforgettable is to surprise your guests with party favors. Everyone loves it when they get something for free, but your guests will especially love a party favor if it’s something unique and practical.

Something unique from the venue or the surrounding area is always fun and memorable—like seeds of local plant life, custom bottles from a local winery, or a jar of homemade goodies like honey, jam, or syrup. Custom-made luggage labels are practical and personal gifts your guests will undoubtedly put to use right away if you have a destination wedding!

A Photo Booth

A surefire way to have your guests remember your wedding is by giving them the chance to take pictures they’ll always love and cherish. While everyone likes to take photos on their phone, take things up a notch with a photo booth!

Photo booths are great fun and entertainment for wedding guests as everyone gets a chance to have their photo taken, looking their best with their friends and family. A photo booth also allows you to send your guests home with a souvenir they’ll cherish instead of a hundred blurry pictures on their phones.

Where to Rent a Photo Booth in Michigan

You’ve come to the right place if you want your Michigan wedding to have a quality photo booth. Michaels Entertainment is the ideal place for photo booth rentals for weddings, and our team will ensure everyone has a great time and leaves with a fun photographic souvenir. Book one for your wedding today!


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