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5 Signs You Hired the Right DJ for Your Wedding

By Michaels Entertainment

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Finding a quality wedding DJ can be a challenge with so many options—how can you be sure you’ve made the right choice? Below, we discuss the clear signs you’ve hired the right DJ for your wedding.

They Come Recommended

Often, the best resources for wedding couples are people in the industry and other couples. It’s always good to ask for recommendations for every part of your wedding, from the caterer to the DJ.

If a DJ comes highly recommended by another wedding couple, venue, or wedding planner, that shows the DJ knows how to provide quality and professional entertainment. If someone you trust has a suggestion for a DJ service for your wedding, it’s worth listening to!

They’re Experienced

Experience is a crucial factor when choosing a wedding DJ—it’s just something you can’t teach! It’s your big day, and you want someone dependable who has done this before and can read the room and adapt on the fly when needed.

Only through performing at many weddings of different sizes and kinds can a DJ learn to be versatile and quick-thinking while providing quality entertainment. Nobody wants a first-time DJ on their special day. Michaels Entertainment has been providing wedding entertainment services in southeast Michigan for over a decade, so we know a thing or two about how to adjust!

They Communicate

Another great sign you’ve hired the right DJ for your wedding is that they’re excellent communicators. Communication is critical when planning a wedding, especially a large one with many guests, ensuring the event runs smoothly and everyone has fun—including you!

You want a wedding DJ that will carefully listen to your desires for your reception and communicate about what they need and can provide. If you need to make sudden changes to the plan, you want a DJ with whom you can reliably communicate.

They’re a Team Player

Planning a wedding is a team effort, so you want everyone to be a team player, including the DJ. You can easily find a DJ who just puts on a couple of songs and introduces the bride and groom, but you deserve someone who will work with you to ensure your big day goes as you imagined.

It’s always best to find a DJ who works with you and everyone else on your wedding team, from the planner to the photographer and caterer and everyone else. At Michaels Entertainment, we’ll work with you and everyone on your team to make your wedding as fun as possible!

They’re Professional

The last thing you want at your wedding is another headache or issue to worry about. So, you want a professional, reliable DJ that makes your day easier, not harder.

Being a professional DJ isn’t just about having a professional performance license—it’s about being well-dressed, in control, and respectful to you and your guests.


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