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7 Reasons To Hire a DJ for Your Business Event

By Michaels Entertainment

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If you’re putting on a corporate event, two of the most important things you must consider are the music and entertainment. Below, we explain the many reasons you should hire a DJ for your business event, from their professionalism and versatility to technical know-how and equipment.

Ensure a Fun Atmosphere

You want your guests to have fun and enjoy themselves. The best way to ensure they enter a fun and vibrant atmosphere is with a professional DJ playing music and interacting with the crowd.

Even the most professional events that touch on serious issues can benefit from the fun atmosphere music provides—otherwise, the event can feel boring and quiet. Professional DJs are the best at cultivating a festive atmosphere that’s more fun for the guests. Plus, if the guests are in a more upbeat and cheerful environment, they’re more likely to socialize and interact with other guests.

Show You Care

Another reason to hire a DJ for your business event is that it shows you care about the entertainment and atmosphere of your audience. It’s no different than investing in high-quality catering or expensive and impressive decorations. Hiring a DJ sends a message to your guests that you’ve invested in the event.

People can tell the difference between a high-quality, professional DJ and an amateur one doing it for free or for half what a professional would charge. If you want your company or event to project a professional image that shows how important the event is, you’ll have to hire real professionals, including the DJ.

Provide Additional Entertainment

While DJs are certainly known for their ability to curate a playlist and dance floor, they can provide much more entertainment than just music. Professional DJs have many entertainment skills they can provide your event, from MCing to video production to special effects and more.

Some professional DJs will even recommend professional dancers to go along with their performance if you’re looking to really boost the entertainment quality of your event! Ask DJs if they also provide services like video and lighting entertainment as well.

Help The Event Flow

A professional DJ is also accustomed to working on a schedule and helping move the event to different stages and presentations throughout. If you’ve got a full schedule at your event, from casual networking time to presentations and speakers, you’ll want an MC. As we mentioned above, a DJ can double as your MC to introduce speakers, give shoutouts to guests, and keep everything on schedule.

While you can do this yourself or with someone from your staff, it relieves a huge burden to have the DJ handle these small but important moments of the event. Plus, they’re experienced professionals and can likely do it better than you or others who may be doing it for the first time.

Benefit From Professional Equipment

Along with professional etiquette and reliability, professional DJs also bring high-quality DJing and sound equipment. Having the proper equipment for a good show for hundreds of guests is just as critical as playing the right music.

When you hire a professional DJ, they’ll bring their sound equipment and know how to set it up in an ideal manner for the space where you’re entertaining guests. They’ll also know how to use it correctly and be responsible for tearing down and packing up the gear when the event’s over. Not only can you provide a better music experience for guests than having someone play on a wireless speaker, but you also don’t have to deal with handling the equipment.

Get a Variety of Music

When you hire a professional DJ, you’re also hiring their extensive catalog and database of music. DJs know that they have to cater to all kinds of crowds and genres of music, so they bring along a database of practically every song you can think of.

Having such a variety of music is great for adjusting the event’s atmosphere based on the crowd and for accepting song requests from guests. They’re not constrained by what’s on the Spotify or Apple Music library!

Take Burden Off the Staff

While music and entertainment are secondary for some event organizers, they’re significant undertakings for the staff. As we mentioned, setting up the sound equipment, tending to the music, taking requests, and working the booth for the event take time and effort.

When you hire a professional DJ, you take that burden off the shoulders of your staff and let a professional take care of it. Instead of worrying about the music, your staff can focus their time and energy on other things, like guest relations, catering, and event speakers.

What To Look For When Hiring a DJ for Your Corporate Event


Whether hiring a DJ, a salesperson, or any other position, the first quality you should look for is experience. You don’t need a DJ with decades of experience, but you want someone at least familiar with the job and the type of event you’re organizing.

If you hire a DJ who’s only done weddings, there may be some struggles as they adjust to a different event and crowd for a corporate event. Therefore, ask candidates about their last gig and what events they’ve done similar to the one you’re organizing.


When looking at DJ candidates, ask for references. Ask the DJs if they have any references from businesses and corporate events they’ve worked at in the past that highlight their strengths and qualities.

You can also ask the organizers of similar events you’ve attended in the past who they hired to get quality recommendations from sources you trust.

Where To Hire a DJ for a Business Event in Southeast Michigan  

If you’re a business in southeast Michigan and need a corporate event DJ, look no further than Michaels Entertainment. Our DJs have plenty of experience providing entertainment for various corporate events in various industries. Our team of professionals will bring experience, technical know-how, and energy to your event, so get in touch to get a quote for our services today!

7 Reasons To Hire a DJ for Your Business Event

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