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Is a Wedding DJ Career in your Future?

By Michaels Entertainment

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Before you assume you know what wedding DJ careers are about—read this.

Do you love music? Have you always gravitated towards public speaking? Maybe someone has suggested you’d make a great wedding DJ?

If you’re wondering about wedding DJ careers, we’re here with the details you need. While the role isn’t for everyone, it can be a rewarding weekend position, a chance to earn extra income while helping couples celebrate their love for one another.

So, first things first, what kind of person makes a good wedding DJ?

Let’s start with the basics

While there is no single personality type suited to wedding DJ careers, there are some common traits among those who thrive in the industry. Here are a few must-have qualities:

  • Attention to detail – Weddings consist of a series of details, usually planned by the minute. Wedding DJs are often responsible for keeping the reception on track timewise, making sure that certain moments happen (think: first dance, bouquet toss, etc). A wedding DJ needs to not only keep track of time but also pay close attention to details.
  • Must love people – Let’s face it, weddings are about people at their peak of emotion and expectation. Wedding DJ careers are all about serving the bride and groom, helping to make their day as special as possible. A wedding DJ needs to love people, they need to have a big heart and be comfortable in groups of all sizes.
  • Comfortable with public speaking – For most wedding DJs, speaking in public is a critical part of the job. They make announcements and introduce the evening. Some even act as emcees for the entire night. Regardless of how many announcements the bride and groom would like you to make, as a wedding DJ, you need to be comfortable speaking in public in order to thrive in this role.

Among the nice-to-have qualities in wedding DJ careers, are the following:

  • Emotional stamina – As the wedding DJ, you need to be ‘up’ and ‘on’ for an entire wedding. While some people find a party atmosphere to be invigorating, others may find it exhausting. If you are thinking of becoming a wedding DJ, make sure you have the stamina to work with energy until the last dance.
  •  Ability to see the big picture – Are you someone who can see beyond the moment? Do you enjoy bringing details together in a final event or production? If so, you will love this aspect of being a wedding DJ—every wedding has a unique feel, tone, and atmosphere. The more you are able to see the big picture and work towards it, the more you will excel in wedding DJ careers.
  • Ability to roll with it – Even with the months of preparation and planning that go into a wedding, there is always a chance for unplanned events. If little things go wrong, it’s important that the wedding DJ keeps his or her cool and adjusts to new circumstances, or resorts to backup plans. As they say, the show must go on. The more you are able to keep your cool and roll with anything that happens, the better.

What are the upsides of wedding DJ careers?

Naturally, there are many upsides to being a wedding DJ. When considering a career in the industry, you might think about the fun atmosphere, the flexible schedule, and the chance to work with music. But there are other advantages, too—ones you might not have thought about. Here are a few of the lesser-known benefits:

  • Forced savings – The very nature of the wedding industry means that you will often be working on weekends. While others your age may be out spending money on meals and entertainment, you’ll be making money. Most wedding DJs are served dinner, as well. These meals are usually considered fine dining. In other words, you are likely to eat well on the job, at no cost.
  • Supplemental savings – If you have a Monday to Friday day job, with your weekends free, a side hustle as a wedding DJ can provide excellent supplementary income. Not only does the job pay higher than other hourly positions, but happy clients often tip their wedding DJ, as well.
  • That buzz of energy – Perhaps best of all, for those who love the thrill of an event gone well, wedding DJ careers provide a regular opportunity for this feeling. Many wedding DJs experience a sense of accomplishment; they find the job brings energy and excitement to all areas of their life.

But wait. It’s not for everyone!

Of course, wedding DJ careers are not for every personality. What are the key signs you should consider for a different path? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Weekend work – While some weddings take place during the week, the vast majority take place on weekends, allowing the bride and groom to accommodate as many of their guests as possible. While you may think that weekend work is doable, consider that it may take a toll if you are doing it every week.
  • Long-term planning – In addition to booking your weekends, as a wedding DJ, you need to be willing to commit to events down the road. If, for example, you would rather travel next summer than book your weekends with work, a career as a wedding DJ is not likely right for you.
  • Energy demand – If you’ve been to a wedding with a fantastic DJ, you’ve seen the kind of energy they put into their job. While they may make it look easy, they are putting a lot of effort into their role. If you know that public speaking, especially at a large event, would drain your energy for the next day, you’d probably do better in another career.

As with any profession, there are pros and cons to wedding DJ careers. If you’ve witnessed a wedding DJ on the job and wondered if you could do the same, you probably saw a great DJ, who made the job look fun and easy. While the role isn’t for everyone, there are plenty of benefits for those who love people, music, and making someone’s special day even better.

If you are convinced your future lies in the wedding DJ career, be sure to ask people you know in the position, for their perspective. When you attend weddings, pay attention to everything the DJ does. If the role lights you up and you can see yourself behind the microphone, be prepared to ask more questions and roll up your sleeves.

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