Best First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

Best First Dance Songs

Your first dance sets the mood for your reception.  As you piece together a vision for your wedding, you likely have a few ‘must-have’ moments in mind. For many couples, these include details around both the ceremony and the reception. As the speeches end and dinner is cleared away, you’ll likely have a transition to […]

Do I Tip My Wedding DJ?

While there are no rules, it helps to be prepared. As your wedding draws near, your mind is likely running with hundreds of details. What time will the flowers be delivered? Are the welcome baskets ready for out-of-town guests? With so much to think about in the days leading up to your wedding, you may […]

Is a Wedding DJ Career in your Future?

Wedding DJ Careers

Before you assume you know what wedding DJ careers are about—read this. Do you love music? Have you always gravitated towards public speaking? Maybe someone has suggested you’d make a great wedding DJ? If you’re wondering about wedding DJ careers, we’re here with the details you need. While the role isn’t for everyone, it can […]

My Search for the Best DJ Paid Off – Big Time

I let my mom fuss over flowers. I knew finding the best DJ mattered more. Planning a wedding means having a thousand things on your mind. Believe me, I get it. The only thing longer than my wedding to-do list was the one my mom made for herself. While she fussed about invitations and cake […]

Top Wedding Dance Songs 2022

Top Wedding Dance Songs

You’ve set the date for your wedding, found the perfect location, and secured your vendors. Now, you’re ready to take care of the smaller details—including music selection—to make sure your wedding is a night to remember.   It’s important to work with your DJ to set out a plan that you and your guests will love. […]

9 Costly Mistakes When Hiring a Wedding DJ

If you are planning a wedding, DJ services are almost certainly on your ‘to-do’ list. The right wedding DJ sets the tone for your reception and after-party. Skilled DJs are organized, perceptive, and flexible—they can take your big day from average to unforgettable. In short, finding the right DJ is important for your peace of […]