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Why “DJ Services Near Me” Won’t Cut It When You Are Searching for a Local DJ

By Michaels Entertainment

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If you’re on the hunt for your wedding DJ, it’s time to fine-tune your search skills.

Yes — it’s something you’ve likely known for a long time: how you Google (or Yahoo! or Bing) matters. You don’t want to happen upon your wedding vendors — you want to assemble an experienced team with intention and confidence. You want to enjoy every moment of your wedding day, leaving the details to trusted professionals. So, how do you go beyond searching for “DJ services near me” to find the very best DJ for your wedding?

Don’t worry — we’re here to help you narrow down your search. Once you have set your wedding date and secured a venue, you’ll want to find a few key vendors —including your DJ — quickly. As top DJs book well in advance, it is important to start your search as soon as possible.

So, what are the key ingredients of an efficient, rewarding search for your wedding DJ? First, let’s take a closer look at what to avoid. 

What’s wrong with just searching “DJ services near me”?

As you’ve likely found, the more specific your internet search, the more success you will have.  Generic search terms, after all, result in long lists of options, many of which miss the mark. When you’re planning a wedding, you don’t have time to waste on rabbit hole searches. 

As an example, consider what shows up when you Google “restaurants near me”. You’ll likely find a long list of restaurants, including those in your area. You may notice, however, that your favorite local restaurant is missing from the results. 

Even if you narrow the list further and search “fine dining restaurants near me”, you may not see your go-to place (which you know is fine dining). You may even see new recommendations for restaurants that simply don’t fit — including fast food locations.

In short, searching “DJ services near me” will provide you with a list of local DJs, but it is unlikely to give you an accurate sense of the top DJs in your area. To better understand how search terms can impact your results, let’s take a closer look at a specific change from “DJ services near me” — with the simple addition of your location.   

Let location details narrow things down

Let’s face it, we’ll probably never know how Google’s search algorithm works. One thing you can do to fine-tune your internet search is to experiment with words or phrases. Going back to our example on restaurants, you’ll find a simple change in search items has a big impact on the results. 

Try it for yourself — open two search tabs. In the first, search for “fine dining restaurants near me”. In the second, search for “fine dining restaurants (your town/city name)”. Chances are, the search with your location will produce a more refined list of results — restaurants in your area that you would consider to be upscale dining, without fast food outlets cluttering the list. 

Similarly, the risk of searching for “DJ services near me” is that your results will lack both accuracy and detail. When you add your state, city or town to your search phrase, you will more likely find a refined list of local DJs.

But this is your wedding. You want more than a list of local DJs. You want to find just the right fit for your big day. Enter: a few key details. With the right words or phrases, you can turn your search from generic to highly targeted. With the right criteria, you are far more likely to find the best professional for your big day. 

First things first 

It may seem an obvious addition to the phrase “DJ services near me”, but to bump up your accuracy, start by adding the word “wedding”. DJ services, after all, are used for all kinds of events and parties, but a wedding DJ has a specific set of skills that can help to make your big day both smooth and exceptional.  

Using both the word “wedding” and a location will boost your results even further. For example, if you live in Detroit, try searching “wedding DJ services Southeast Michigan” for a tight list of potential vendors. 

Of course, even within the category of wedding DJs in your area, there are plenty of differences. This is the time to brainstorm with your future spouse — the chance to envision some of the details that will make your big day special. By adding specific services you’d like to include at your wedding, you’ll likely help narrow down your list of potential vendors. 

Turn up your search with nuance

Have you always wanted a wedding photo booth at your reception? Does your fiancé have his or her heart set on drone videography for your big day? When it comes to wedding DJ services, it’s important to make sure your ‘must-have’ and even ‘nice-to-have’ points are covered. 

While some DJs work part-time with minimal equipment, others are fully-stocked with the latest technology and a deep understanding of current trends. If you and your partner know you want your DJ to have event uplighting at your wedding, for example — including the ability to change the color from one part of the evening to the next, to help set the tone and mood — it is important to add this detail to your search. 

As you can imagine, changing your internet search from “DJ services near me” to “wedding DJ services + (your location) + uplighting”, will bring you a more qualified list of candidates.  

When you meet with your wedding DJ in person, be sure to ask questions that deepen your trust in their experience. For example, it’s important to know your DJ has a premium sound system, seamless mixing and the business depth to have backup DJs on call, should he or she fall ill. 

No matter which wedding details are most important to you, be sure to include the top services in your web search. In just a few words, you’ll move beyond “DJ services near me” and one step closer to finding your ideal wedding DJ.   

Of course, no matter how you narrow your list of local DJs, it is critical to do a deep dive into their credibility and reputation. Look for outstanding reviews, industry awards and other indications that you can trust their service. Be sure to meet with your final list of contenders. It is important to find a wedding DJ who will follow your vision but is also willing to step in with expertise when you ask for help. 

In other words, when it comes to finding your DJ, going beyond a search for “DJ services near me” will not only make things faster but will also help you find the best match for your wedding day.  

At Michaels Entertainment, we serve Detroit and southeast Michigan with first-class wedding services, including DJ services, wedding photo booths, wedding uplighting and wedding videography. We are proud of the relationships we build and the awards and recommendations we have received, including more than 400 5-star ratings for our wedding services. 
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