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How To Hire the Right Wedding Videographer

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The wedding video is one of the most critical aspects of a wedding. It allows the couple and their guests to relive that day for the rest of their lives. But hiring the right wedding videographer is easier said than done. Explore our tips for getting the ideal videographer for your wedding!

Consider What You Want First

Before you start to review and interview potential videographers, take some time with your partner and wedding planner—if you have one—to consider what you want from a videographer. Some couples and planners don’t consider what they want and only judge videographers by who has the best online reviews instead of considering what they can provide.

Do you want your wedding video to be a short highlight film of the big day or a more cinematic movie focusing on each step of the ceremony and reception? Maybe you want something more candid and documentary-style. Make a list of what you want before narrowing your search for videographers.

Ask for References

The best place to start in your search for a videographer is by soliciting testimonials and recommendations from anyone you know who’s recently hired a videographer for an event. Ask them who they hired, their experience, and how happy they were with the final product.

If they have a reference, ask what the videographer made for them to understand what they provide to their clients. Or if you work at a company that hosts corporate events and often puts together videos, ask who they hire and see if they also do weddings.

Look Locally

While you don’t want to deprive yourself of the best videographer because they live in a different town, starting your search locally and branching out if needed is typically best. Local videographers have most likely shot at the venue before, so they have experience and insight that can be beneficial to your shoot.

Consider asking the venue if they have any recommendations, as the venue often has to coordinate with videographers throughout the day. This means they likely know the best of the best.

Read Reviews

While online reviews aren’t everything, once you’ve narrowed your search to one or two candidates, you’ll want to seek out some reviews from past clients. The videographer likely has a website with reviews, and while those are useful, they’re unlikely to put a negative view on their main page. So Google reviews might be the best place to look.

Focus on what the positive and negative reviews say. Was the videographer easy to work with? Did the final product meet expectations?

Review Their Work

Before you meet with the videographer, seek out their former work to get a feel for what to expect. Most videographers post their work on their website or social media, so they’re often easy to find. Consider what you want and the location, and see if the videographer has experience with shooting venues like yours in the way you want.

If a friend or relative referred them, ask if you could see what they made for them. You can also browse video websites like Vimeo and Love Stories TV, as many videographers post their latest work there.

Meet With the Videographer

Before hiring the right wedding videographer, you’ll want to meet with them one-on-one or with your planner. Even if they’re the most sought-after videographer available and have a busy schedule, you need to hire someone you can trust and work with. You won’t know if they’re that person until you meet them.

You can do video meetings if they’re from out of town, but in-person is always best. During the meeting, you can ask more detailed questions about their work and get to know them personally instead of via email or phone. Consider making it a lunch or coffee meeting where you can talk about videography, their ideas, and the general wedding to see if you two fit.

Ask To See a Full Gallery

When meeting with the videographer, they’ll likely have highlights and videos to show you of their work. While these examples of their work are helpful, you should also ask for a full gallery of their previous wedding work.

Videographers will naturally put their best work first, but a full gallery will show you how they shoot throughout the day, from the bridal pictures to the ceremony and reception. You want to see how the videographer works in various settings and how that could relate to your wedding.

Don’t Ask About Their Style

When interviewing videographers, don’t bother to ask them about their style. Style is subjective; you can see their style for yourself in their galleries and reels without them explaining it.

Instead, ask about practical and logistical things about their services and what it’s like to work with them. How do they approach a wedding day, and what’s an example of a problem they had to overcome? How they approach their work is more important than what they believe their style is, as you want someone reliable on your big day.

Book As Early as Possible

Throughout the search process for your videographer, remember that while you want to take your time to find the ideal candidate, you should also act quickly. Many couples book videographers a year or further in advance, so you don’t have time to waste if your wedding is in the next calendar year.

If you wait until six months before the big day, you’ll likely find that the best videographers have already filled their books, and your options have dwindled. Be thorough in your search and move fast to ensure you get the ideal videographer for your wedding.

Where To Hire a Wedding Videographer in Southeast Michigan

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How To Hire the Right Wedding Videographer

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