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A Search for Local DJs—Not as Easy as it Sounds  

By Michaels Entertainment

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Finding the right wedding DJ may not be a walk in the park.

Newly engaged couples are often caught off guard by the speed of things. No sooner have you announced your engagement, than well-meaning family and friends bombard you with questions about timing, location, and your yet-to-be-thought-about bridal party. While this can be overwhelming, the truth is—if you have a wedding date or season in mind—some things need to be anchored down quickly. Once you secure your wedding date and venue, there are a few details to lock into place, including searching through local DJs to find just the right one.    

Booking your wedding venue triggers a list of things to figure out quickly. Soon, you’re headlong into a hierarchy of things to organize; booking a talented photographer and a top local DJ are among the first things you’ll need to do. Vendors with strong reputations, including local DJs, can book well in advance, so it is important to start your search early.

The right DJ, after all, can make your wedding reception magical. You want a likable, experienced professional who offers the services you want for your big day. So, how do you go about finding the perfect local DJ for your wedding? It may be more difficult than you think. 

Don’t worry — we’re here to here to help. Here are a few things to think about as you search for local DJs.

1.   Try Not to Panic

If you’ve done an initial search for “DJ services near me”, you may be ready to hit the panic button. Likely, this search will result in a list of DJs in your area, but the results may be conspicuously sparse or filled with clutter, unrelated to weddings. The trouble with searching “DJ services near me” or even “affordable DJs near me” is these phrases seldom deliver comprehensive results.

Instead, to find an inclusive list of local DJs, try searching the term “wedding DJ”, along with a broad description of your location. For example, if you are in Detroit, Michigan, try a search for “wedding DJ southeast Michigan” for a more finely tuned list of local DJs. 

2.   Go Wide, Then Narrow

Once you’ve added the word “wedding” and a broad description of your location to your internet search, you may feel that you’ve cast a wide net. You may have a long — maybe even overwhelming — list of local DJs to sift through. But how do you know where to start? How do you go from 40 options to the top five?

A good way to narrow your field is to use a more nuanced search. Maybe you and your bride or groom-to-be have your hearts set on a specific wedding service that could help refine your search. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of drone videography, for example, as a cinematic way to capture the highlights of your wedding day.

In this case, you could add the phrase “drone videography” to your search for a local DJ. Remember, the first listings returned are often paid advertisements. These companies are very likely local DJs, but they may or may not match your specific search. Scroll down a little further to see the organic (unpaid) listings that best match your criteria.

Similarly, you can use other wedding services to explore local DJs — think wedding photo booths, wedding uplighting, or wedding videography — to help filter through a long list of local DJs and focus on a handful of top contenders.    

3.   Go By Industry Recommendations

Another shortcut to finding the top local DJs is to think like an industry professional. The wedding industry is both large and well organized. While you will always have local vendors who gain a strong reputation within a smaller community, there are plenty of wedding vendors who earn recognition more widely.

To find a list of vetted professionals, for example, check out websites such as The Knot, which categorize vendors by state and city. Look for local DJs who have been awarded their Best of Weddings award, or even their Best of Weddings – Hall of Fame. Starting your search this way will allow you to begin with some of the industry’s top performers.

Similarly, you can use the experience of other couples as your guide. Websites such as Wedding Wire help you to plan and execute your wedding, using recommended vendors. Look for a local DJ that has received a Couples’ Choice Award. This customer-driven award is based on the honest, unbiased experiences of others.     

4.   Word of Mouth for the Win

Of course, one of the best ways to search for local DJs isn’t related to web searches at all. The age-old exercise of word-of-mouth referrals is an excellent way to supplement your research. If you find yourself attending weddings while you happen to be looking for vendors yourself, you will have a front-row view of their services.

Chances are, however, in that short window between picking your wedding date/venue and securing a local DJ, you won’t be the guest at enough weddings to curate a list of potential vendors. Still, word-of-mouth referrals can work quickly.

Put the word out among your friends and family—those you expect to invite to your big day.

Can anyone recommend a must-have local DJ for our wedding?

The best part about this add-on strategy to your internet search is the ability for follow-up questions. Because you are familiar — or even close — with this audience, you can likely ask as many follow-up questions as you like.

What did you like best about your DJ?

Are there any questions I should ask my shortlist of local DJs?

Anything you would have like to have known ahead of time?

These brief conversations can help you quickly narrow your search for a local DJ. They can also help you know what to ask potential vendors when you meet them in person.  

5.   Keep Asking

When you have done the legwork and found a short list of local DJs — you’ve read their online reviews, checked for industry awards and cross-checked with any personal recommendations — it’s time to meet your potential vendors in person.

Be sure to come prepared with a list of questions. Ultimately, you’re looking for an experienced local DJ who will understand your vision for your wedding.

An exceptional DJ understands the ebbs and flows of the evening; they can respond to the interests and mood of your guests, keeping your wedding reception flowing smoothly, with the energy and tone appropriate to each moment.

Don’t be afraid to ask a local DJ how they would handle certain events — perhaps an empty dance floor or a technology fail. As they respond, you’ll get a better sense of their experience, confidence, and their willingness to make your special day about you.

At Michaels Entertainment, we serve Detroit and southeast Michigan with first-class wedding services, including DJ services, wedding photo booths, wedding uplighting, and wedding videography. We are proud of the relationships we build and the awards and recommendations we have received, including more than 400 5-star ratings for our wedding services.

Contact us to talk about our wedding services. We’ll deliver peace of mind while helping you create the wedding of your dreams.


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