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Will Line Dance Wedding Songs Get People Dancing?

By Michaels Entertainment

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If you’re planning a wedding, you have hundreds of details on your mind. From the font used on your invitations to gifts for your wedding party, your list of decisions can seem endless. Be sure to save some energy for deciding on the music at your reception — this is the celebration of a lifetime, after all. You want music that lets you and your guests have as much fun as possible. Are there certain songs that will keep your crowd engaged? How much pop music do you want to hear? Do you need more of the oldies? Will line dance wedding songs keep them dancing?

These questions will impact the atmosphere at your wedding reception. Knowing what kind of music you like, and which songs might have cross-generational pull, is important. Of course, variety is key — to keep your guests dancing, you’ll want a little of everything. A skilled DJ will not only guide you through your interests but will help to read the room and make adjustments, as needed.

For now, let’s dig further into a popular genre at wedding receptions. Line dance wedding songs have been a staple on wedding dance floors for decades. What is so appealing about them? Which ones should you choose to get your guests up and dancing? Let’s take a closer look.

A Group Affair

Line dancing is popular for a reason. First, it’s a social event — a line dance allows people of all ages to have fun, doing something synchronously with each other. Weddings are the ultimate social gathering — a chance for groups of people to come together in celebration. A common, shared dance is a social exercise in itself. If someone knows the moves for the line dance wedding songs being played, they are likely to get on the dance floor and join the fun with others.

Second, line dancing takes the guesswork out of dancing. With simple, choreographed moves, set to fun music, line dancing offers a safe, fun space for many of your wedding guests to participate. Even those who feel too self-conscious to get up and dance to most songs will take comfort in the simplicity of a line dance.

Finally, line dance wedding songs can evoke a sense of tradition. With the familiarity of the music, the group nature of the dance and the social focal point it provides, line dancing can be an important part of your wedding night music — an ideal anchor to your time on the dance floor.

What Makes a Line Dance?

Line dancing has evolved over the years, but its core elements remain the same. A line dance is performed by a group, usually in a single line. All dancers normally perform the same moves at the same time.

With roots in country dancing, line dancing became its own genre in the 1970s, when a series of new dances were created, including the “Country Boogie”. Line dance songs continued to roll out, but hit a popular high in the early 1990s, with Billy Ray Cyrus’ country western song, “Achy Breaky Heart”. His popularity then led to a rush of new songs with more of a pop focus, such as “Macarena”, “5,6,7,8” and more.

While popular songs will come and go, line dancing remains an easy way to engage a crowd at larger social gatherings. Line dance wedding songs are often just the draw needed to pull your guests onto the dance floor. Once they recognize a line dance song, they’re likely to get up and join in the moves.

Where do you Start with Line Dance Wedding Songs?

Naturally, the whole point of using line dance wedding songs is to play the music that your guests immediately recognize. It’s helpful if they have some idea of the moves that go along with the song, as well. In other words, your wedding reception is not necessarily the place to introduce new line dances or educate the audience on new moves. But it is the perfect place to allow your guests to embrace the familiar and enjoy themselves.

So, how does this look for your wedding? What are some of the best-known line dance wedding songs? Here are a few ideas to start:

  • “Wobble”
  • “Watermelon Crawl”
  • “Cotton Eye Joe”
  • “Cha Cha Slide”
  • “Macarena”
  • “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”
  • “Hoedown Throwdown”
  • “Cupid Shuffle”
  • “The Hustle” 

Of course, the list goes on. If you have a favorite or even a handful of favorite songs that fall under the category of line dance wedding songs, be sure to let your DJ know the ones you’d most like to have played on your big night.

Naturally, unless you and your guests are country music fans, or have a long history with line dancing, you will want to be selective about the line dance wedding songs you choose — peppering a good thing through the night is better than overdoing the genre with too many of these songs. In short, choose a handful of songs you and your guests will know and love, then leave the rest to your DJ.

Let Your DJ Work His or Her Magic

As you’ve likely experienced, line dance wedding songs have a special pull when it comes to getting the crowd going. The smiles on the faces of your guests will tell the whole story. When the familiar music starts, a line dance song is a fantastic way to get people up from their chairs.

Some DJs will use line dance wedding songs to kick off the night. They can act as a useful tool to get people dancing as quickly as possible. Others will use them to re-energize the dance floor if there has been a quiet period. They are also useful when the dance floor is full, but your DJ wants to shift gears and allow for maximum participation.

If you have a particular interest in how and when line dance wedding songs fit into the music for your wedding reception, be sure to speak to your DJ ahead of time. Otherwise, trust that your DJ has the experience to know how and when to work line dance wedding songs into your evening.

A wedding is filled with ebbs and flows, emotional and energetic highs, followed by moments to rest and regroup. Your DJ will be well-versed in these natural shifts, ready to read the room and respond to the moment.

On the night of your wedding, it’s important to relax and enjoy the experience as much as possible. One of the best things you can do ahead of time is to work with a wedding DJ you trust, someone who keeps your interests in mind while creating a night of unforgettable dancing.

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