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Way More than just an Events Entertainment Company

For more than 10 years Michaels Entertainment has been working to create incredible experiences for clients who truly care about a job well done. In fact, it’s that drive that drew them into the wedding industry in the first place.

There is no client in any industry quite like a bride or groom and there is no party quite so important as a wedding. Think about it. We’re given one chance, and one chance only, to do it right. Everyone that really means something to the couple is there, heaps of money is spent, massive amounts of time and energy expended, and it’s up to us as your DJ/MC to make it all sound good, feel good, and run smoothly. It’s also our job as your wedding videographer to make sure the important memories are captured in a high-quality cinematic experience that will be watched for generations to come.

It’s that high-pressure challenge that makes the successful accomplishment of those goals all the sweeter, and it’s what keeps the Michaels Entertainment team coming back for more every weekend.

Our Team Leaders

In 2010 Seth was 18 years old when he performed his first entertainment event at the Basement Burger Bar, Downtown Farmington. For the next 3 years, his entertainment company grew, until he was DJing and MCing nearly a dozen weekly public entertainment events at almost as many local venues.

Behind the Scenes with DJ Seth at a Wedding

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Richard was just 15 years old when he got his first experience as a DJ, thanks to his dad who brought him along to a wedding he was performing. Richard didn’t realize it then, but that day marked the beginning of an incredible career that would change his life forever.

Behind the Scenes with DJ Richard at a Wedding

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