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Eze Enriquez

When Eze was just 11 years old growing up in Argentina he woke up one day to discover he had overnight become the coolest kid in school. The news had gotten out that he and his father were moving to America.

In Argentina, the cultural norm is for sons to grow up and do whatever their fathers did. Eze’s dad was a Dr. of physical therapy, but Eze had always dreamed of being a filmmaker. He knew that in the United States you could be whatever you wanted.

A few years later he got into film school in Michigan. He leveraged his education and creative drive to gain opportunities to create content for notable brands including Nissan, Ford, Eastern Michigan University, and Hour Magazine. Then in 2006 he filmed and edited his first wedding video, and he’s never looked back.

Today Eze is the Creative Director and lead wedding videographer of Michaels Entertainment. Curious to learn more? Call the office and dial 3.

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