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Vice President and DJ Richard Summersett Jr.

The myth, the man, the Michigan Wedding Industry Legend: DJ Richard Summersett Jr.

They say that true friendship can accomplish anything, and Richard Summerset’s journey with Seth Michaels, is a testament to that. From their fateful meeting as teenagers at Greenfield Village to leading Michaels Entertainment to the industry leading example it has become today, Richard and Seth have leveraged the power of their friendship to develop a thriving enterprise that fulfills the wants of clients and colleagues alike.

Richard’s passion for DJing began at the tender age of 15 when his father took him along to a wedding where he was performing. Little did Richard know that this would mark the genesis of an extraordinary career that would shape his life forever. It was in that moment, surrounded by music and celebration, that Richard discovered his innate talent and love for energizing crowds.

A natural-born people person, Richard possesses a charm and magnetism that draws others to him authentically. While studying the performing arts in college, he found himself captivated by the sheer joy of entertaining and adding life to any gathering. His infectious enthusiasm and ability to connect with people became his trademark, setting the stage for the remarkable journey that lay ahead.

A while after meeting, as fate would have it, Richard stumbled upon a Facebook post by his friend Seth, who by that time was DJing aboard a cruise ship throughout Southern Europe. Intrigued by Seth’s newfound venture, Richard reached out and expressed his desire to accompany him on a gig one day. In response, Seth extended an invitation for Richard to join him at an upcoming wedding back home on New Year’s Eve. The venue was the Addison Oaks Golf and Country Club in Leonard, Michigan.

Little did Richard know that this invitation would mark the beginning of a journey that would shape both his career and the incredible destiny of Michaels Entertainment. The first gig led to a second, and before long, Richard found himself fully immersed in the world of DJing. Through relentless dedication and a genuine love for his craft, he swiftly honed his skills and became a fully-fledged DJ in his own right.

Fast forward six years, and Richard’s unwavering commitment to his passion earned him the distinguished role of Vice President of Michaels Entertainment.

As the Vice President of Michaels Entertainment, Richard plays a pivotal role in the company’s remarkable growth and success. While still DJing weddings and other events, he devotes his weekdays to overseeing the operations and expansion of the company. Richard’s unique ability to connect with clients and his dedication to providing exceptional service has been instrumental in building strong relationships with Michaels Entertainment’s ever-expanding clientele.

The partnership between Richard and Seth exemplifies the magic that can happen when lifelong friends join forces to pursue their dreams. Their journey from teenage buddies at Greenfield Village to overseeing a thriving entertainment empire is a testament to their shared vision, unwavering determination, and loyal support for one another.

Richard Summerset and Seth Michaels are living proof that success is not only measured by accomplishments but also by the joy of pursuing one’s passion alongside a cherished friend. Their story serves as an inspiration to young dreamers everywhere, reminding them that with hard work and the support of a trusted friend, anything is possible.

To witness the magic created by DJ Richard Summerset and the remarkable services offered by Michaels Entertainment, reach out to them today. Whether it’s an enchanting wedding, a lively celebration, or a corporate event, Richard and his team are committed to making every moment unforgettable, one beat at a time.

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