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The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Event Planning

By Michaels Entertainment

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Do you need to plan a corporate event? We can help with these basic dos and don’ts of corporate event planning to consider while organizing your occasion below!

The Dos

Choose the Date Wisely

The date is one of the most important decisions and typically one of the biggest factors for attendance when planning a corporate event. If you’re picking the event date, be wary of what’s happening around and on the same date to avoid any conflicts.

It’s always best to avoid holidays and the busy summer months as much as possible, as many travel or go on vacation during those times. Also, don’t book too close to other company or competing events in the community to avoid competition for attendance.

Invest in Entertainment

While entertainment may not be the focus of the event, it’s what guests often remember the most, and boredom is the last thing any event planner wants guests to feel. Don’t bore your guests; provide plenty of quality entertainment, from event DJ services to games and activities for everyone to partake in.

Don’t opt for the cheap and easy solution like having a friend play their favorite playlist from their phone when providing entertainment—invest in quality solutions. Professional DJs and corporate event entertainers know how to work a crowd and are more dependable than cheaper, amateur entertainment services.

Give Yourself Time To Set Up

One of the most common mistakes of corporate event planning is overestimating how much time you have and underestimating how much time you need to set up, so don’t put yourself in a bind with the schedule. Always allow yourself more time than you need to organize and set up everything, including scheduling time for walkthroughs, rehearsals, and other preparations.

You can expect to do something all the time, such as handling surprises that pop up before the event, so don’t make it more difficult by putting yourself in a time crunch!

The Don’ts

Doing Everything Yourself

Don’t try to do everything yourself, for the sake of the event and your mental health! Some planners want to handle every logistical detail because they want everything to be perfect, but delegating responsibilities to peers and subordinates is always wise.

While we may want things a certain way, we can drive ourselves mad, putting too much on our plate and ensuring we have the final say in every decision. Put together a planning team of people you trust and delegate responsibilities for a smoother, more efficient operation.

Skip the Site Visit

One of the most important steps in event planning is choosing the venue, and when choosing a site, you should never skip the venue tour. Even if you think the site looks ideal based on photos and videos, you always want to see the venue in person before making a final decision.

Seeing the venue yourself will help you better understand whether it’s right for your event and has the space and amenities you want.


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