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Wedding Uplighting 101 – What, Why & How.

By Michaels Entertainment

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What is Wedding Uplighting?

Wedding uplighting is when event lighting is used at various points, typically around the perimeter of the space to create ambiance and dimension in the room. Since event lighting companies offer so many different types of uplighting, it can be hard to know what exactly wedding uplighting is and if you are considering it, what would be the best choice for you.

While some lighting companies use it to add a pop of color, others use it to make the room more intimate or add depth, wedding uplighting has become its own type of event illumination that can truly change the tone and atmosphere in a room.

Uplighting adds visual interest to the space. It can be used to highlight architectural features at the venue and to set the mood for the occasion.

Any area that is not directly lit by standard lighting, such as corners or underneath furniture or stairs is a great place to use wedding uplighting. A combination of monochromatic and vibrant colored uplighting can create an intimate setting for your wedding reception throughout the event. Different color options are often used for the wedding ceremony, the first dance, the first toast, dinner, cake cutting, and other highlights. These are all perfect opportunities to showcase the uniqueness of your event.

Michaels Entertainment Uplighting System

It’s important to educate yourself a bit before hiring a company for your wedding uplighting. Different companies will use a variety of methods and equipment. Multiple types of lighting can be used for event and wedding uplighting. Popular color wash lights, beam lights, LED tape lights, and strip lights are the most common choices.

Uplighting services can often be noisy, and dim, and create unusual-hued distractions, and in many cases, they need to be plugged in. That causes the issue of tripping hazards resulting from a tangled mess of wires across your room, all of which might be dangerous if not managed properly.

Several more serious concerns can arise from incorrectly managed event lighting. For example, if the power supply is not properly grounded, the lights could cause a short circuit and damage electrical outlets. Furthermore, incorrect glowing can result in unwanted shadows or lead to open spots that will ruin the entire effect of your wedding decor.

Uplighting done properly can be very effective in creating a specific mood. Knowing what you like and how you want your room to look is helpful, but it is best to consult with wedding lighting techs or lighting designers who have experience and can help you create the results that you desire.

In basic terms, uplighting is the art of adding lights to different parts of a room to create an overall effect that goes above and beyond what your venue can offer on its own.

Types of Uplighting for Weddings

If you’re considering uplighting for your wedding, take some time to get to know more about a few different types before making a final decision:

Color Wash Uplights: These lights can flood a wall or specific area of your venue using numerous colors. Color wash lends itself well to specific wedding themes.

Monogram Lights: These lights can project a custom image onto the walls of your venue. Use the monogram lighting to project meaningful images like the couple’s initials, wedding date, or any specific image that fits the wedding theme.

Wall Wash Uplights: This type of wedding uplighting spreads a warm, inviting light to cover a large area of the venue, highlighting certain features of the room.

Wireless Uplights: These lights are battery-operated and can be conveniently placed anywhere in your venue. Ditch the power cables for outdoor weddings or venues without easy access to power outlets.

Why Use Wedding Uplighting?

There are many reasons why to use wedding uplighting at your event. The most common reason is that you simply want to create an atmosphere that cannot be accomplished with standard lighting. Event lighting will add drama and elegance, while it also indicates points of interest in your venue and helps guide guests to areas of the event they’ll be interacting with, such as the bar or photo booth.

When the experienced lighting designers at Michaels Entertainment create the visual background for the biggest party of your lives, we do it with a sense of respect and awe for the task at hand. We seek a balanced symmetry while paying attention to key entryways we can silhouette. We even get the photographer and videographers’ opinions so we can help them with their lighting needs, often saving them the need to set up lighting objects of their own.

Can I DIY Wedding Uplighting?

You can DIY just about anything. However, in this case, you should not attempt DIY uplighting. This is because wedding uplighting should be left to the professionals, as they have the proper skills and equipment to make sure your lighting solutions go off without a hitch. The professionals also have the experience of knowing how shadows will be cast and colors that work well.

In addition, do you want to purchase the equipment and have the responsibility of setting it up before the event and taking it all down after the event? Then what will you do with the equipment afterward? Hiring wedding uplighting services is a no-brainer. The only time you should put into it is the time you spend with your lighting consultant deciding on colors and highlighting details.

Michaels Entertainment’s wedding uplighting services are wireless, clean, and smart. You pick your favorite color for cocktail and dinner time and then when dancing takes off the whole room dynamically changes to match the music, either slow and mesmerizing during slow songs or exciting and rhythmic with faster ones!

What Colors Should I Use for My Wedding Uplighting?

Color is one of the most important elements to consider when you decide to use wedding uplighting. Finding a color palette that works for both your event and venue will help you create an atmosphere that enhances the feeling of each moment guests share at your wedding. So where do you start? Start by looking at your wedding invitations and bridesmaids’ dresses. What colors do they share? These colors can be used as a starting point for your color palette.

You should also consider how those colors will be reflected. For example, if you select orange as your uplighting color and your wedding decor includes gold glitter accents, the result might not be desirable. This is another reason why putting this task in the hands of professionals is the best choice you can make.

Choosing a Professional Wedding Uplighting Company

Photo credits: Shauna Wear Photography

To find out if wedding uplighting is right for you and your space, you should get in touch with a professional event lighting company.

At Michaels Entertainment, our award-winning service aims to provide customizable solutions to fit the needs of every client. Our uplighting is intelligent, and wireless, and comes in a variety of different options for you to choose from to truly make your wedding special.

When we meet with couples who are planning their wedding, we understand that every detail matters. We take the time to learn about the couple, as well as their needs, to select the best lighting options for their big day. This includes everything from the start of the wedding to the very last dance. Our innovative LED lights offer our clients many different options to fit a wide variety of venue styles and desired ambiances, whether it is time to eat or hit the dance floor.

When the party begins, our lighting takes over the dance floor for that dramatic appeal without overpowering the room. Specialized event uplighting is essential for a magical wedding experience to truly make your dreams a reality, so you should consider all your options and reach out to a professional lighting tech. We are ready when you are to help you plan the best lighting options for your wedding. 


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