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Why Autumn Is the Perfect Season for a Wedding in Michigan

By Michaels Entertainment

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While the popular season for weddings is typically in the spring and summer, don’t underestimate how fun a fall wedding can be. Below, we explain why autumn is the perfect season for a wedding in Michigan, from the weather to the seasonal menu and more!

Mild, Predictable Weather

A significant advantage of having an outdoor wedding in the fall as opposed to one in the summer or the spring is the weather is much milder and more predictable. We all know that Michigan springs can feature heavy rainfall and even the occasional snowfall in April!

While Michigan summers can also be lovely, they can feature exceptionally hot days that make weddings uncomfortable and sudden thunderstorms that can ruin an outdoor wedding. However, Michigan in September and even early October features much milder temperatures for a comfortable outdoor wedding and averages much less rainfall.

Fall Foliage

Michigan is gorgeous in the fall when the leaves begin to change, and it makes for a beautiful backdrop for any outdoor wedding. In September and October, all of the lush green trees of the Michigan woods transform into vibrant red, brown, yellow, and orange colors.

You couldn’t ask for a more stunning backdrop when capturing your big day in photos and video, and fall is the only time of the year you’ll find such scenery.

Wedding Off-Season

Another reason autumn is the perfect season for a wedding in Michigan is that there’s much less competition with other weddings! The main wedding season in Michigan and most of the country is the spring and summer, which means a lot of competition in those months for the best venues and dates.

But when you have your wedding later in the year, during the fall, you’re much more likely to find a quality venue that isn’t booked, along with the best wedding professionals like videographers, caterers, entertainment, and more. By booking in the fall, you can avoid the stress and headaches of planning around other competitions and have the season mostly to yourself.

Seasonal Décor and Menu

Why not celebrate your wedding simultaneously if you wait all year for the calendar to change to fall and to put up your autumnal decorations, carve pumpkins, and sip pumpkin spice lattes? You can incorporate seasonal décor, an autumn-themed menu, and even fall fashion with a fall wedding.

You can serve apple cider drinks, pumpkin pie, and other fall favorites while guests sport their fall fashion favorites. It’s a great way to make your wedding feel unique and a dream come true for those who love autumn more than any other time of the year!

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