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Why Wedding Videography Is Vital to Your Special Day

By Michaels Entertainment

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Flowers, check. Cake, check. Photos, check. Video…is it important?

The costs of a wedding day add up quickly and many couples may waver on wedding videography. Looking to save money, they might decide to skip the video and just stick with photos. After all, they’re still getting something tangible to look back on.

However, this is a grave mistake — and you’re about to see several reasons why.


Regret is a big one when it comes to wedding videography. There are no do-overs. Once the wedding is over, the day has come and gone — you can’t get it back.

We can’t tell you how many couples we’ve heard express regret about not hiring a wedding videographer.

Even with family members capturing videos of the important parts, it just isn’t the same. It isn’t as enjoyable to watch random clips as it is to watch a professionally edited video that flows well, capturing the most important highlights of your day.

Videos capture more than still photographs. That sharp intake of breath when the groom sees his bride for the first time in her dress. The tear trickling down her cheek as she walks down the aisle. The laughter when the best man spins his most embarrassing story about the groom.

These tiny, but meaningful movements can’t be captured in still images, but they will shine in wedding videography.

Capturing Every Minute of Your Day

Furthermore, you won’t be everywhere on your wedding day. You won’t see everything that happens.

You are generally the center of attention, of course. But you won’t be hanging out with your spouse and their half of the wedding party while they are getting ready. Nor will you see your guests’ reactions to your first kiss. You won’t see your mom cry as you walk down the aisle or the tear in your dad’s eye as he witnesses your first dance as husband and wife.

Good wedding videographers will capture all those special moments. Then, they will compile them into a seamless documentary of timeless moments and beautiful emotions.

Sharing Your Special Day with Everyone Else

Having wedding videography also gives you a special way to share your day with everyone else. Unfortunately, there will always be a few people who won’t be able to attend your event.

They might have work emergencies, other family business, or fall ill. We all have busy schedules these days and finding a day that works for everyone is nearly impossible.

With a wedding video, you can still share your memories with everyone! You can invite people over for dinner and then watch the video together. Play it at your housewarming party when you buy your first home together. Or share it with loved ones that live too far away to see in person.

There are so many ways to make it special!

Sharing Your Special Day with Future Generations

Of course, the people you already know aren’t the only ones you can share your wedding video with!

Imagine sitting down with your kids a decade or two from now and showing them how your journey as a family began. Wouldn’t you have loved to witness your parents’ wedding in such an intimate and realistic way?

Watch your children’s faces light up as you say your vows to your spouse. Little kids might not fully understand everything, but they totally understand the love and joy on your faces. This type of brilliance can only be immortalized with wedding videography — still photos just can’t capture it.

Keeping the Spark Alive on Anniversaries

There are a lot of strong emotions on your wedding day. You’re deeply feeling so much love, joy, excitement, and a whole list of other emotions.

However, ask any married couple, it isn’t always like that. Over the years, your love grows deeper and stronger, but it isn’t always bubbling out of you so fervently. There are rough days when you’re frustrated with your spouse’s quirks and maybe even moments of doubt.

Make it a tradition with your spouse to sit down and watch your wedding video on your anniversary. Remember together how you felt on that day so long ago. Relive the emotions and kindle a new spark to help sustain you as a couple through the years.

Reliving Beautiful Memories — For Decades

How many clear memories do you have from 20 years ago? If you’re young, ask someone in their 30s or 40s about their memories.

Chances are, you’ll have random clear memories here and there, but most of it’s pretty fuzzy. You remember the big stuff, but you don’t remember specifics. You remember the gist of what people say but you don’t remember the words they used.

With wedding videography, you can relive the highlights of your wedding day with perfect clarity. The words don’t erode with time and the light and love radiating from your faces shines just as brightly 40 years later.

On a more solemn note, think about this. Do you know any older folks with dementia? Sometimes they have it so bad they forget the person they have loved for a lifetime. Imagine how special it would be to sit down and watch this video together when those memories are hard to reach.

And finally, there may come a day when one of you walks alone. When time has healed the sting a little, relive this special moment with the one your heart loves — even if only in spirit.

It’s beautiful, it’s poignant, and you will cherish it forever.

Ready to Immortalize Your Special Day?

You only have one life to live. Your wedding day is one of a few momentous events in your life that deserve to be remembered perfectly. It deserves to be center stage for the rest of your life. It deserves to be shared with future generations.

Hiring a wedding videographer is an excellent way to make this happen. On your special day, the videographer is everywhere, capturing the smiles, the joy, the tears — all the excitement in living color.

Afterward, they will compile all this footage in an interesting way that reflects the vibe of the day. Cell phone videos captured by helpful family and friends just don’t compare.

Laugh, cry, and remember with your spouse one of the best days of your life — all the days of your life.

Reach out today to learn more about wedding videography. Say the word and we will make lasting magic happen!


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