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4 Tips for Picking Your First Dance Song

By Michaels Entertainment

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The first song is one of the biggest decisions a wedding couple must make for the reception. Many couples stress over the decision for weeks or months before the big day. If you’re struggling to pick your first dance song, we have some helpful tips for deciding!

Revisit Significant Relationship Moments

You always want your first dance song to be personal and significant to you and your newly married partner. To find a song that means a lot to both of you, revisit the big moments in your relationship to find music that would fit the first dance.

Maybe there was a song playing on your first date or a concert you attended together that was special for both of you. Take a trip down memory lane together to see if any significant music comes to mind.

Be Inspired by Your Venue

A good place to look for song inspiration is your wedding venue. After all, it’s where you’ll perform the first dance, so it’d make sense for the song to fit the venue.

If your venue has a rustic quality, a country or rustic song would fit the theme of the wedding perfectly. If the venue is more luxurious and formal, a classic crooning song from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Tony Bennet could be the perfect accompaniment to the dance.

Ask a Friend To Perform

Another good tip for picking your first dance song is to have a mutual friend perform it for you. If you have a musically talented friend who can sing or play an instrument, having them perform the first song is an excellent way to make it feel more personal and significant to both of you.

With a friend performing the music, the song choice becomes less important, and the focus is the moment you’re all sharing. Ask them what song they would like to sing or perform, and you can all come together to make a decision that suits everyone.

Consult the DJ

Lastly, if you’re stumped, a great source of inspiration is the DJ you hired! After all, music, particularly wedding music, is their specialty, so they’ve got plenty of experience and insight to offer.

Over their careers, they’ve heard the good and the bad first songs, so they can steer you in the right direction.

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