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Live Streaming Video Services For Your Wedding

By Michaels Entertainment

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Finally—a way to include your loved-ones from a distance.

In the past, it was nearly impossible to share the essence of your wedding day with loved ones who were unable to attend. Thankfully, live streaming video services have emerged as an immersive experience—the next-best thing to being there in person.

Live streaming video services capture a wedding from multiple camera angles, allowing loved ones to share the day from a distance. Live feed is broadcast, using a private link, allowing your audience to witness multiple moments and reactions simultaneously, almost as well as they would if they attended in person.  

If you’re thinking of live streaming your wedding, you may be wondering how it works and whether you should opt-in to this growing trend. At Michaels Entertainment, we’re here to help you make a fully informed decision. We offer professional live streaming video services and have developed expertise in the creation of inclusive events. 

When thinking about live streaming your wedding, here are a few important things to consider:

First Things First—Is Live Streaming Necessary?

As wedding traditions evolve, it’s normal to question which ones to include for your big day. Not every tradition or service suits every couple. When you’re looking to manage costs, you will need to prioritize which ones mean the most to you. 

Live streaming video services have quickly grown in popularity over the last several years. Of course, a large part of this growth has been pandemic-related—with couples getting married amid capacity restrictions, they still wanted to share their big day with loved ones. Technology expanded and improved over this time, as well, providing better quality video for those watching from afar.

As for whether it makes sense to live stream your wedding, the answer depends on you and your guests. Do you have loved ones who are unable to attend your wedding in person—perhaps due to distance, expense, injury or illness? Are you planning on a small destination wedding, but hope for loved ones to join you from home? Does your venue hold far fewer people than you would like to witness your ceremony? 

In these situations, live streaming video services make perfect sense—the ideal connection between you and your guests, allowing them to watch from the comfort of their homes.

What’s Involved in Live Streaming a Wedding?

Unless you’ve seen it in action, you may wonder if the equipment for live streaming is intrusive, or if the technology will get in the way of the experience itself.  

Good news—not at all. If you work with an experienced live streaming team, you’ll be pleased to see the cameras are discreetly set up to capture multiple angles. State of the art technology allows viewers to see split screens, watching multiple moments simultaneously.  

Using a private link, your wedding will be broadcast to viewers anywhere in the world. Between multiple camera angles and exceptional camera and sound quality, they are in for a treat—a fully immersive experience of your wedding day. 

Don’t Risk a DIY Disappointment 

As tempting as it might be to set up your own cameras to live stream your wedding, rest assured it is better to leave this job to professionals. You want your wedding live stream to be reliable and seamless, creating an inclusive experience for all. 

You’ve likely heard the stories yourself—couples who have set up live streaming video services for their own wedding or relied on a friend to do it for them, only to have viewers disappointed by video or sound quality. When technology fails, cuts out or underperforms, guests at a distance feel disconnected and left out. 

The benefit of using experienced professionals for live streaming video services is two-fold. Not only are your loved ones able to properly view your wedding from a distance, but you are also able to focus on what matters most—your wedding experience.

Find the Right Professional

As live streaming video services are relatively new to wedding traditions, it is important to do your homework in finding the right team for your big day. You want to find a company that offers the right skill set, current technology and has a strong track record in the industry. 

First things first, be sure to start with those who have deep wedding industry experience. Weddings have traditional peaks, valleys and moments you want to be sure to catch on camera. A wedding professional is well versed in these details, making them the best starting point for your live stream research. 

Next, look for professionals with live streaming experience and a long history of exceptional service. While live streaming video services for weddings may be new, it’s important to work with a company with strong customer reviews and a reputation of service excellence.

Bring Your Venue into the Loop

Of course, you and your live stream team will need to work closely with your venue to make sure things flow seamlessly on the day of your wedding. Communication is key, as some venues have guidelines or restrictions that you’ll need to work around. 

Onsite staff can help with electricity, internet access (ideally direct via an ethernet cord from the motem), floor layout and traffic flow, as they make any adjustments necessary to improve the quality of your video. Once they are aware of the live stream component, many venues will go out of their way to help support the technology with tables or other supplies. 

Although most venues have had experience hosting live streamed events, it’s important to keep them in the loop to create the best possible experience. 

Build a Plan with your Live Streaming Team

Like every aspect of wedding planning, live streaming video services work best when you and your team have a clear plan. Ask your team to walk you through the details of live streaming a wedding. 

Do you and your team have the same list of must-have moments? Are there certain people you’d like to make sure are on camera? Are there other details you want to include to make things as special as possible for your guests watching from afar? 

The more you and your team understand the plan for your wedding, the better the live streaming production will be.  

At Michaels Entertainment, we’ve adopted state of the art technology—including HD broadcast cameras and professional microphones—to bring your wedding to life for those who can’t attend in person. With deep experience in the Michigan wedding industry, we’re ready to capture the emotion and essence of your wedding through live streaming video services. 

We serve Detroit and southeast Michigan with first-class wedding services, including live streaming video services, DJ services, wedding photo booths, wedding uplighting and wedding videography. We are proud of the relationships we’ve built and the awards and recommendations we’ve received, including more than 400 5-star ratings for our wedding services. 

Once you’ve booked a venue for your big day, contact us to talk about our list of wedding services. We’ll deliver peace of mind with experienced, professional services you can trust. We’re ready to help you create the wedding of your dreams.


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