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Careers in Entertainment

What's Your Dream Job?

How would you like to DJ extraordinary events? Or maybe you’d prefer to film them? How about adding an ambient aesthetic to the room with our premium event lighting? Possibly you’d like to run our simple photo booth and watch guests smile ear to ear having the best time ever?

Whatever it is, if you’re looking for a career in entertainment, you’ve come to the right place, and we’d be happy to consider you as a possible addition to our team! Learn about some of our roles at Michaels Entertainment, and apply below.

Wedding DJ/MC

Are you constantly grabbing the AUX cord in the car or taking over the speaker at the party? Perhaps you’d like to try out your vibe-curating skills as a wedding DJ and MC on a bigger stage. The DJ and MC services are the core part of our wedding careers and an excellent opportunity for those who love music, hosting, and creating a fun atmosphere!

DJ and MC wedding careers provide an excellent opportunity for those who love to meet new people and have fun on a meaningful day. A wedding DJ does more than just play their favorite music, though. They also work with the couple and the venue to coordinate the significant moments of the reception and create an atmosphere that ebbs and flows with the guests.

Some of the duties of the wedding DJ include the following:

• Guide the special moments.

• Play the music

• Run the sound system

• Brag about having the best job ever.

Wedding Film Maker

Are you always the one capturing videos and photos on your phone every time you and your friends get together, or are you an aspiring filmmaker who wants a steady and consistent job to support your projects? Consider applying to become a wedding videographer for Michaels Entertainment!

Being a wedding videographer is an excellent job for those looking to hone their filmmaking and editing skills. You’ll be responsible for working with the couple, planners, and venue to capture the biggest moments in the best way possible and splice it all together for a wedding video at the end that wows the happy couple.

• Capture the special moments.

• Create a beautiful video.

• Give your couples a visual manifestation laying out the legacy of their special day and their loved ones.

Lighting Designer

The lighting designer makes the venue and reception feel vibrant and alive. If you have experience with lighting equipment and technology, a lighting designer could be the perfect career in the wedding industry for you!

You’ll have the chance to use every wedding venue as a canvas and paint it with custom lighting design in collaboration with the wedding couple and venue. And we’ll even teach you how to use our lighting programs so that you can hit the ground running. Responsibilities of a lighting designer include:

• Set up and customize our event lighting!

• Change the automated lighting program to fit the moment, using DMX technology we’ll teach you.

• Make events look incredible!

Photo Booth Host

Do you love taking pictures wherever you go and organizing group photos with family and friends? If so, you’d fit right in as photo booth host for Michaels Entertainment!

The photo booth is one of our most popular services for weddings and other events, as it allows guests to capture tangible memories with friends, family, and funny props! All you have to do is have fun and interact with participants to ensure they get the best photo possible!

• Set up the photo booth and props.

• Be friendly and social.

• Make their day!

Event Apprentice, Intern, Trainee

If you’re just looking to get your feet wet with a career in entertainment as an apprentice, there’s no better place to do so than at Michaels Entertainment! We’ll show you the ropes and give you a first-hand look at everything we do, from DJing to videography, event lighting, and more.

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades looking for real-world experience in the wedding industry, this apprenticeship is for you!

• Show up with a positive attitude.

• Be well groomed, respectful, kind, and attentive!