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Thinking of Wedding Videography with a Drone? 

By Michaels Entertainment

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Discover next-level quality in wedding videography.

Drone use in wedding videography is capturing the hearts and imaginations of couples around the world. With jaw-dropping footage, drones offer a unique, cinematic perspective on your wedding day, delivering the aerial shots you didn’t know you needed. Wedding videography will never be the same. 

Whether you hope to capture aerial views of your wedding venue, the surrounding landscape, or key moments of the wedding itself, wedding videography with a drone delivers sweeping footage and a cinematic feel. From hundreds of feet in the air, drones can capture the romance and essence of your wedding day, offering a unique perspective that you’ll cherish for years to come. 

If you’re thinking of using drone technology as part of your wedding videography, you likely have many questions. At Michaels Entertainment, we’re here to help. We specialize in drone wedding videography and have helped many couples expand their cinematic wedding film with professional aerial drone footage.

Wedding Videography with a Drone

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you explore the use of drones for your wedding videography. 

Why Use Drones?

Over the last decade, drones have changed the way we work and play. As unmanned aerial devices, drones have a distinct visual advantage that makes them useful in everything from search and rescue operations to construction and real estate. 

When it comes to weddings, drone aerial footage allows experts in wedding videography to capture high-level, sweeping imagery of landscape, wedding venues, and intimate, outdoor moments. Using drone footage on your wedding day adds a movie quality to your wedding video. More than simply offering new camera angles, drone imagery enhances the structure and feel of each scene. It produces the kind of imagery that evokes emotion and offers a sense of grandeur—a perfect way to capture your love for one another. 

In short, adding drone footage to your wedding videography provides next-level quality and a polished, cinematic feel to your final wedding video. 

Have a Clear Plan

Like every aspect of wedding planning, videography works best with a clear plan. When you add drone footage to traditional wedding videography, it’s even more important to know how and when shots will be taken. 

Every wedding venue will have its own restrictions and requirements, with respect to drones. It’s important to work closely with your wedding videographer to understand the best way to capture the footage you want. For example, does your wedding venue have a no-fly zone or a time of day when drones are forbidden? It is important for both you and your wedding videography team to understand these parameters.  

Similarly, it is important for the people who will be captured on video to understand the plan for the day. With clear information and a good sense of timing, your guests will have the information they need to be ideal participants in your wedding video. 

Determine Your Must-Have Shots

Part of having a videography plan for your wedding will be identifying your must-have shots—the ones you can imagine already. While many will be intimate, up-close images, there will likely be several you’d like to see filmed from above. 

As you think about the moments and scenery you’d like captured by drone, work the ideas into your overall list of must-have shots. Do you want panoramic views of the landscape around your wedding venue? Is it important to capture the bride’s arrival with an aerial view? Do the moments after the ceremony, when you first stroll outside as a married couple, feel more dramatic to you—more befitting of drone footage?  

Whichever scenes you’d like captured by drone, be sure to make a list and discuss it with your wedding videography team. While some shots may be ruled out due to venue restrictions or high winds, you and your team can prioritize the ones that will help create a stunning final wedding video. 

Remember: Less is More

While the imagery produced by drone cameras is easy to love, it is also easy to over-use. Industry experts recommend using drone photography in measured, sparing amounts. Some liken its use to that of flavoring or spices in food. In other words, a little can enhance, while too much can take away from the final product. 

For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced wedding videographer, someone who understands the cinematic quality of drone imagery and can integrate it seamlessly into your wedding film. 

Done well, drone technology provides tasteful, stunning accents to your wedding videography—it helps to capture and even magnify the essence of your wedding day. So, how do you make sure drone imagery is used in just the right amount? The answer comes down to skill and experience—in other words, you need to find a wedding videographer who is qualified for the job.

Questions for your Wedding Videographer

As you research the best wedding videography team for your big day, be sure to ask questions that will help you feel more confident: 

  • What is their experience with wedding videography?
  • How much experience do they have with drone technology?
  • Can you contact references directly? 
  • Do they have quality cameras and backup plans in case of technical issues?
  • Are they fully insured and licensed to pilot drones?
  • Do they have experience drawing out flight plans to avoid no-fly zones, etc.? 
  • What happens in the case of unplanned weather?
  • Can you see examples of their wedding videos that include drone imagery?

Having a clear understanding of your team’s experience, their plan for your wedding day, and their backup plans, if needed, will help you move forward with the excitement you should feel in the months leading to your wedding day. 

A reputable wedding videography team will not only answer as many questions as you have, but they’ll also share the work they’ve done. With a good understanding of their skill, depth of experience, and commitment to making your wedding day the best it can be, you will be able to relax, trusting that you are in good hands. 

At Michaels Entertainment, we’re your experienced, Michigan-based wedding videography team, ready to put your mind at ease. Over the last 10 years, we’ve developed deep expertise in wedding services and drone videography. We are fully insured, licensed to pilot drones, and experienced at creating our own flight plans. 

We will help you prioritize moments and locations best captured by aerial footage. We’ll also work closely with your wedding venue to ensure the filming runs smoothly. In short, we’ll help capture the most romantic, dramatic footage of your wedding day, creating a wedding video you’ll always cherish.   

At Michaels Entertainment, we serve Detroit and southeast Michigan with first-class wedding services, including DJ services, wedding photo booths, wedding uplighting, and wedding videography—including drone wedding videography. We are proud of the relationships we build and the awards and recommendations we have received, including more than 400 5-star ratings for our wedding services. 

Once you’ve booked a venue for your big day, contact us to talk about our wedding services. We’ll deliver peace of mind with experienced DJ, videography, and photo booth services you can trust. We’re ready to help you create the wedding of your dreams.


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