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Best First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

By Michaels Entertainment

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Your first dance sets the mood for your reception. 

As you piece together a vision for your wedding, you likely have a few ‘must-have’ moments in mind. For many couples, these include details around both the ceremony and the reception. As the speeches end and dinner is cleared away, you’ll likely have a transition to the rest of your evening, when your guests help you celebrate on the dance floor. So, how do you make the transition as smooth as possible? How do you choose the best first dance songs for the evening?

We’re here to help. Dance floor traditions have evolved over the last several years. To help you make the best choices for your wedding and find the perfect first dance songs for you and your loved ones, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Keep an open mind

When you think about options for first dance songs on your wedding night, does one song come to mind? Have you had your heart set on Patsy Cline, Whitney Houston or Stevie Wonder since you were young? It’s common to keep one song close to your heart, to plan that one day, you’ll dance to it at your wedding. 

Whether you have your heart set on a classic, or something more unique, keep in mind that first dance songs serve an important purpose—they hint at the romance of the day and shine a light on the love you have for one another. While it’s easy to go with that one song you’ve held onto for years, remember that your options are almost limitless.

Keep an open mind as you consider ideas for your first dance songs. Just because you once thought a song would be ‘perfect’, doesn’t mean it fits your current values or mindset. It may not even suit the two of you, as a couple.

If you’re willing to consider new ideas but want an unbiased opinion, ask your wedding DJ for his/her ideas and thoughts. An experienced DJ will ask questions about the tone and mood you’d like to set for your reception; he/she will make suggestions and offer plenty of alternatives for you to consider.

Make it meaningful for both of you

Just as your wedding is the ritual that brings the two of you together, as one, your reception is a symbol of the first time you’ll make decisions together, as a couple. Naturally, there will be some give and take required. When it comes to first dance songs, it is important to find music that feels meaningful to both of you. 

As a start, choose music that you both enjoy. Even if a song is not romantic in a traditional way, it may be special for very specific reasons. Perhaps it was playing the night you met? Maybe the lyrics have always spoken to you? Or maybe it happens to reveal the essence of your love story.

Don’t be afraid to break the mould and go with something unconventional. You will always remember your first dance as a married couple. If you choose a meaningful song, it may become even more special to you over the years.  

A new approach to an old tradition

A recent wedding trend has put a fresh spin on first dance songs at weddings across the country. Choreographed first dances allow the wedding couple to put on a special show for their guests. By choreographing steps—even simple ones—to first dance songs, couples accomplish two things:

  1. they provide a moment of joy and levity—a treat for guests of all ages
  2. they avoid the pressure of all eyes on them while turning in circles on the dance floor

If you like the idea of a choreographed first dance or even several of your first dance songs, speak to your wedding DJ about the possibility of setting this up ahead of time. An experienced professional will help you prepare with pre-mix multi-dance tracks. This value-added service will allow you to plan your dance sequence and rehearse, ahead of time. 

As with any performance, the secret to a successful choreographed wedding dance is to rehearse enough to make it look easy. You want to be both familiar with the music and comfortable with the dance steps. Working closely with your wedding DJ will allow you and your wedding party to put together the right first dance songs for you. 

Are there ideal first dance songs?

Of course, the answer will vary, depending on your musical tastes, your relationship story, and the impression you want to leave with your wedding guests.  Whether you opt for a classic love song or an alternative, contemporary ballad, try to find something that represents your unique love story.    

If you find it difficult to decide, or if no one song seems to be an obvious choice, ask your wedding DJ for their input. Chances are, your DJ has witnessed countless first dance songs. He or she can assist with title ideas and consult on the mood or atmosphere each one helps to create. 

If you’re in the process of looking for a wedding DJ, it’s important to find someone who will think creatively about your wedding day. You want a wedding DJ who follows your vision but is also willing to step in with expertise when you ask for help. Whether you need guidance with first dance songs or help to create a pre-mixed multi-dance track for choreographed dances, be sure to lean on your wedding DJ for creative input and dance floor expertise.  

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